This would totally suck

CNN Reports that an internet failure hits two continents. I shudder at the thought that this could happen here.

Violating the Constitution?

When is someone going to stand up to GWB and tell him he is not a king, not a dictator, and not above the law? I hope we are not doomed as a nation by eight years of a president who’s legacy will be the usurping of powers to the executive branch of government, turning ...


Are you ready?

JanNo Update 2

JanNo Update
Last night, at a little after nine PM, I hit the carriage return on my typewriter and wrote the word “be.” Not the best word to finish a sentence with, so don’t yell at me. But the last word of part VII of my JanNo, working title Variations on a Theme. It does feel good ...

State of the Union

I’ll be very glad that I’ll not have to hear the word ‘noocular’ in a State of the Union Speech again. The Congress must pass liability protection for companies believed to have assisted in the efforts to defend America. Defending America means protecting telecommunications corporations from lawsuits for violating the U.S. Government’s own privacy regulations. ...

Tax time

When you’re looking for a reputable firm to help with your taxes, look no further than the staff at Tadrick’s: Still not convinced? Or what about this guy? Had enough?

Chan and Li, together at last 1

I’ve never been a huge martial arts fan. Many years ago, with my brother and father, I saw a little Hong Kong import called Project A Part II, starring a little known (in America) martial arts actor named Jackie Chan. Unlike most martial arts movies I had ever seen, this one was funny and had ...

Onion Ironic Reality

I Don’t Even Remember Writing The Tommyknockers Those who have not read Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, will not understand the irony in this humorous Onion piece from 1999.

Out with the old, in with the mini 1

Out with the old, in with the mini
I realize the picture’s a little grainy (it was taken with my iPhone), but if you look closely, down at the bottom you’ll see a Mac mini. That screen on top is a Samsung SyncMaster 244T. And that bureau it’s sitting on is in my living room. I’ve gotten rid of the television in favor ...

How big is your stack? 3

How big is your stack?
Here is what’s good about writing on a typewriter: at the end of 21 days of writing (almost every night for at least an hour) I have written 39,400 words, 80% toward the final goal. That’s a lot of words, and in word count it looks spectacular staring up at me: 39,400 But the real ...