Les Liaisons Dangereuses

I saw this play twice in the last two weeks and got something different from it each time. The La Marquese de Merteuil, the woman whose actions and desires compel the action of the play forward. She is an exceptional woman who does not belong to the society in which she has been born. “Women ...

Divorce court

I was standing on the corner outside the courthouse, relishing the last moments of lunch hour, when I spied a gaggle of reporters moving towards me. They congregated on the corner, video cameras mounted and ready for action. Who were they waiting for? I stayed on the corner, waiting with them. Someone famous? Suddenly they ...

Paint Paste Paper and Push?

Paint Paste Paper and Push?
We should look up more often. If more people looked up, they’d find a gem like this, somewhere near Duane and West Broadway. I don’t remember the exact corner, but I’ll get it later. I’m not completely sure what it means, either. In case you can’t read it: Brush Up Your Business with Paint Paste ...

Jury Duty postponed

I’m back for another day of waiting. Last time I didn’t wait long, as I decided early to postpone. This time I’m sticking it out. It’s almost noon now and the first panel of 34 jurors has been called. As they neared the end I could feel both the tension and the relief rise in ...

The Human Race

I’m not a wearer of Nike gear; I’ve not been a fan of their shoes for many years. However, I did sign up for the largest 10K in the world. Are you a member of the human race?

We are not alone

Have you heard that extra terrestrials are coming to Britain? They’ve apparently been scoping out landing sites all over the U.K., sometimes getting caught on camera. I think it’s about time they explored the rest of the world.

Are you anyone’s favorite person?

This could only come from the creative genius of Miranda July.


I’ve been reading this online comic for 17 weeks now, my early forays into graphic novels having taken me to the point where I seek out good stories. This is one of those good stories.

An exciting day 1

An exciting day
I’ve been riding my bike in the city for more than a year now. I change the route I take to work occasionally, partly so that I won’t get bored and partly to keep me on my toes. Taking the same route every day would make me complacent. Today I discovered why I need to ...

The Adoption Journey Continues 1

This is part of a continuing series of thoughts written while waiting for the clothes to dry at B. Bubbles Laundromat on Broadway. You may remember when I told you about getting fingerprinted for our adoption application, as part of the New York State criminal background check. My background came through and I was cleared ...