Everything will be all right

I’ve written some sad scenes in my time: mothers dying, families breaking up, children becoming estranged from their abusive fathers. But in the more than twenty years that I’ve been writing, I’ve never cried in the middle of a scene I was crafting. Tonight that changed. This was the line that did it: He kisses ...

What’s to explain

What's to explain
I’m a huge fan of the Coen brothers, and Barton Fink is quite possibly one of my favorite of their films (Miller’s Crossing is the first). I love to see when and how references are made to obscure Coen films like this one that even ardent Coen fans (like my brother) either haven’t seen or ...


I’m having a tough time with the writing now. Not that the words aren’t coming. They’re flowing from me like water from a faucet (have I used that metaphor before?). I’ve given myself a goal of writing four pages a night, or one hour. Some nights the pages come within forty minutes, so I keep ...

Blowhard mistakes

This is part of a continuing series of thoughts written while waiting for the clothes to dry at the B. Bubbles laundromat. I’m a braggart and a blowhard. I exaggerate and embellish stories. Often I do this with an air of humor so my exaggerations are heard with the facetious tone in which I express ...

Nike Half Marathon

Nike Half Marathon
I’m at the finish line of the Nike Half Marathon, posting from my iPhone. The picture of the medal stands was taken with the phone. I’m not sure where it appears in the post, so this will be a test.

The Shoe Fairy

Who doesn’t enjoy a little Neal Patrick Harris sing-a-long?

Almost famous

Almost famous
While mapping my running course today through Google maps, I stumbled upon a little photo tidbit. Google must have recently updated their street view images, as when I clicked the view of my street, this image appeared: And wouldn’t you know it. That’s my car. I feel famous. Look everyone, my car’s on Google Maps.


Turns out my jog to work today was slightly longer than I thought: 9.1 miles by the Google. Another five miles home and that’ll make for an great running day. View Larger Map

Captain Hammer

For those of you who want to find out more about Dr. Horrible’s arch nemesis…

Dr. Horrible

If you haven’t started watching Dr. Horrible, better get busy. The first two acts have been posted, the third and final coming tomorrow. If you don’t watch by Sunday, you’ll have to wait until it comes out on DVD (which I’ve heard will be something to get anyway, as there are talks of creating singing ...