Two days 3

Two days
I took my last run today before the marathon, a short and slow jog across the Queensboro Bridge into Queens and back, to give myself some memory for Sunday to look back on. This is what running across the bridge will feel like. I ran on a mostly empty stomach, too, mimicking the way I ...

What a week!

First, we get advanced approval from the USCIS for our adoption to move forward. Then, the plantar fasciitis that’s been plaguing my left foot seems to have abated. I think I’ll be able to run on Sunday with only minimal pain. I’ve also made great progress in plotting my NaNo. And now, an e-mail at ...


I was thinking about a dream I had once. (It was Monday.) I was riding my bike to work, headlong into a strong wind. I hunched over the handlebars to make myself more aerodynamic but couldn’t bend over because my stomach was too big. I wasn’t fat; I was pregnant. I bent over the handlebars ...


A friend notified me that today we should celebrate the birth of the interwebs. “22:30 Talked to SRI Host to Host” The record of the first time a person logged onto a remote computer via the ARPANET, what would eventually become the internet. (Or as Ted Stevens likes to say, the series of tubes.)

Virtual murder leads to real jail

For those of you who are junkies for games like World Of Warcraft, be warned…killing a virtual partner could land you in jail.

TV Night

TV Night
Part of a continuing series of thoughts written while waiting for the clothes to dry at B. Bubbles laundromat. M was on call last night (actually, she was pulling a double 12-hour shift in the PICU, but for me it’s the same thing: she’s away for 24 hours) and I did what I usually do ...

Approval 4

I’ve only got the camera on the computer here at home, so can’t give you a high quality scan of the document you see to your right. It makes more sense for me to hold it, though, since that piece of paper represents the culmination of years of struggle and months of administrative wrangling. That, ...

NaNo 1

Hard to believe it’s been nine months since my first NaNo. I’ve spent some of this year procrastinating and running and reading and thinking about writing and talking about writing. And I’ve spent a lot of this year actually writing. I’m happy with some of the stuff I’ve managed to crank out so far, and ...

Quotes 1

I have a quote of the day on my iGoogle, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a little ditty from Dr. Horrible plugged in this morning. I recommend making the Quote of the Day part of your daily read.

Pain is Inevitable

Pain is Inevitable
I’ve got my number for the 2008 ING New York City Marathon. 16260. I’m a green start, which means I’ll be wearing a green colored number bib, and I’m in the first wave, which means I’ll cross the starting line around 9:40am on Sunday, 2 November. If you’re out on the course cheering the runners ...