Thriller acapella

This guy can’t sing (or maybe it’s the accent), but the 64 tracks is pretty cool.

100,000 condoms

A Swedish condom company sold numbered condoms and asked people to submit the story of how the condom was used online. Something like Facebook meets Penthouse Letters followed. (Because I’m don’t know how to read in Swedish, I translated the page using Google translator. You might enjoy the original.)

Yiddish Policemen’s Union

I was talking to a friend at work who is Jewish about Michael Chabon’s book The Yiddish Policemen’s Union. I told her that the book, which I’m just 200 pages into, portrays Jews in a bad light. So far, most of the characters that populate this novel–set in an alternate world in which the state ...


The entire blogosphere will be writing about MJ today. I’m not going to join the party. To the world, I say, RIP Farah. Your lovely hair and your beautiful smile and your red bathing suit will be missed.

Training update 2

A continuing series of thoughts written while waiting for the clothes to dry at B. Bubbles laundromat. I have little more than four weeks before the San Francisco Marathon. Last Friday, hungover and tired from too little sleep, I ran 17 miles to work. It was a long, hard slog, one that took the better ...

Keeping the beast caged

A continuing series of thoughts written while waiting for the clothes to dry at B. Bubbles laundromat. I’ve spent the last several weeks finishing my November NaNo, which I’ve given the working title “Under Burning Wood.” Usually I just call it the typewriter story, It’s a hundred-thousands words about a man who finds a typewriter ...

MoMA 2

I need to go back here more often.

The Unteleported Man

This review contains spoilers. The Unteleported Man by Philip K. Dick My review rating: 3 of 5 stars This is my first Dick book. From it I learned that Philip Dick was probably doing a lot of drugs in his life. Knowing nothing of the man himself, and only his writing from the movies that ...


There’s still more to do (I have to write out a strange scene describing a movie about a burning typewriter) but I can be happy right now because I just finished the first draft of the Typewriter novel. I think I rushed through the end a bit, and the story is still a little convoluted ...

When will this cricket madness stop?

My father pointed me to this article from today’s Wall Street Journal about T20 cricket and the controversy it has engendered in the cricketing world. For those of you who think cricket is all about five day test matches and tea breaks, check it out. Perhaps it will open your eyes and you’ll start paying ...