The whole world has probably seen this by now, but on this sunny Saturday post Thanksgiving morning, this video made me laugh out loud. Oh how I miss the Muppets. A little bonus after the jump.


From Cormac McCarthy’s The Crossing You do not know what things you set in motion, he said. No man can know. No prophet foresee. The consequences of an act are often quite different from what one would guess. You must be sure that the intention in your heart is large enough to contain all the ...


I can’t seem to put more than lists together these days. Someone put a Cuisinart hand blender in my ear and turned my brain into stringy squash soup. I’m thankful to be surrounded by people who love me despite this. I’m thankful to have a wife who loves me even when I’m a complete shit. ...

Wednesday recap

1. I passed my 38th year. It was like passing a kidney stone. Maybe not quite as painful but certainly not the most pleasant of birthdays. 2. I may have lost a friend. Too bad, too, because it was a good one. I don’t have a lot of friends and feel pretty shitty when I ...

They say it’s your birthday 2

Is it your birthday? Well, happy birthday! You share today with Franklin Pierce, Billy the Kid, Harpo Marx, Charles Schumer, Bruce Hornsby, Maxwell Caulfield, Merv Hughes (cricket!), Kelly Brook and Miley Cyrus. Among many others. (Happy birthday to me.)

Nerves and such

I’ve spent the last week a nervous and scatter-brained wreck. I’m nervous about tomorrow, sure, and that’s weighed me down. This morning I shaved my chin for the first time in 8 years and it felt like I was taking a rocket ship to the moon, like I was digging a hole through the earth ...

Street view

Street view
I was scouring Google maps looking for a particular building whose address I couldn’t remember but whose plaza I knew I’d recognize if I saw it. After I found what I was looking for, I found this: Some guy taking a picture of the Google van taking a picture of the guy taking a picture ...

Robin Hoods

A continuing series of thoughts written while waiting for the clothes to dry at B. Bubbles laundromat. Last night I attended a post-race party hosted by Robin Hood. I recognized a few faces: Scott, the team ‘coach’ whom last year I referred to as The Kid. He’s 31 years old but looks like he’s fourteen. ...

Sam in New York

Sam Shepard, one of my favorite writers and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1979 for his play Buried Child, has a new story appearing in next week’s New Yorker. It’s official publication date is 23 November. That’s my birthday. Thanks for the gift, Sam.

Don’t shoot yourself

Advice from one of my favorite authors.    As an aside: I’m always excited when a new Irving book comes out because he comes out of hiding and roams the promotional circuit. He doesn’t even have to talk about it, just appear somewhere, anywhere, everywhere.