The Kandy Tooth

Those of you who’ve been reading my blog since last year might remember that I visited a little island called Sri Lanka last year. During that journey, we stopped in a town that was once the capital of Sri Lanka, Kandy, where one of the most famous holy sights in all of Buddhism sits. In ...

More exciting words 3

This morning, I discovered more words I could add to my “most exciting words in the English language” category: We are pleased to tell you that we have decided to publish your story “The White” in Every Day Fiction. No publication date as of yet, but officially this is my first paying publication. Uber-excited. No ...

Running shoes

Running shoes
Somehow I’ve managed to bring all my running shoes to work. M must be happy that they’re not floating around the apartment, but how can I run from home if they’re all here? Even the FiveFingers are at work…on my feet.

Dear birth mother letter

When I was ten years old, I was having trouble in school. I had only a few friends, I felt lonely, I didn’t like studying or doing homework. I was a bed wetter and as a result couldn’t participate in sleepovers. (The one time I did ended in disaster.) My parents divorced when I was ...

Sucker for the Shatner

I must admit, this is awesome.

Only in New York 6

Thankfully, in a late night deal, management and workers reached an agreement. The workers would get a 10% pay rise and would not see any cut in health benefits, but they would help management cut the $70 million health care budget by 2012. It’s a victory for the workers, and a victory for those people ...

EC 2

I wonder if we should try the Elimination Communication method of ‘potty training’? Anyone have any practice and have advice to offer?

Form follows nothing

I discovered something about running in the FiveFingers today. It has to do with form and control while running. As I ran around the reservoir today, in my FiveFingers–the first time I’ve run in them for more than a mile in at least a month–I felt better than I’ve felt since Madeira. My arm motion ...

The Week in Review 1

We requested and received our Ethiopian visas. They’ll allow multiple entries over the next two years, which will hopefully be a lot more than we’ll need in the next eight months. We don’t have a travel date yet, but we’re getting all the administrative stuff done so when we do get a travel date we’ll ...

Found it

I think I found a use for the iPad. iPad Sprocket Pocket from MAYAnMAYA on Vimeo.