T-minus-6 1

Tonight, in the shower, I turned the water as cold as I could stand and let it wash over my head and neck and shoulders. I watched the cold water swirl around my feet and into the drain and I began to cry. I cried not out of fear for the future or out of second guessing the choice we’ve made. I cried because of all that I shall leave behind, all that I shall give up, that we shall give up, for this chance at a new life, a new chapter in our lives. I don’t want to use the term new beginning because I don’t think that’s what this is. It’s another step on the journey. If running has taught me anything it’s taught me that life is not about this step or the next one or the one after that, it’s about all the steps that are still to come, about putting one foot in front of the other and keep putting one foot in front of the other, keep moving forward. I have enjoyed my time here, my time at my current job (which I’ve held for 11 years, the longest job I’ve ever had), but I’ve always known this was not a place I’d stay. Now the time has come to leave, and while I’m excited about the future, I’m also sad about leaving the past. Tomorrow I say goodbye to all my friends, all my colleagues. I’ll wish them a fond farewell and I believe they will do the same. I shall also shed a lot of tears, but that’s okay. Grieving is part of the process. In less than a month we’ll be on our way to New Mexico and I won’t even think about this job anymore. For the next four days, I’ll think about it a lot.