Running the Mesabi Iron Range 1

Running the Mesabi Iron Range
While it was hard to go from running in the balmy spring of Maryland’s Eastern Shore to the still snowy tundra of Minnesota’s Iron Range and north woods, I figured I would take the opportunity this trip afforded me and run some hills. Yesterday, after arriving, I ran about 3 miles of the Mesabi Trail, ...

The Three Rs 1

I came to Virginia—Minnesota, that is—for three main reasons. They all have to do with my historical novel trilogy, Mesabi, the first of which, Mesabi: Pioneers, is currently slated for a fall release. I’ve been working on the novels, researching and outlining and writing, for nearly a year now, and the first one is almost ...

The Chicken Tractor 2

The Chicken Tractor
In addition to all the chickens, The Good Farm has one wayward rooster who is perhaps a little too full of his own self worth. As a result, visitors and volunteers to the farm find themselves the victim of his over protectiveness. I myself have been sc… …read more