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A compendium of my photos at various places on the interwebs.

March 2009: India
Day 1: Travel
Day 2: Sri Lanka
Day 3: Sri Lanka
Day 4: Sri Lanka
Day 6: Sri Lanka
Day 7: Tea Making
Days 8-10: Bangalore
Day 11: Holi
Day 12: New Arrival
Day 13: Taj Mahal
Day 17: Cubbon Park, Bangalore
Day 20: Two Days in Mumbai
Day 23: More Bangalore
Day 27: Kerala, First Day
Day 28: Kerala, Second Day
India: Modes of Egress

March 2008: Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe Ski Basin

We took a little trip to Santa Fe, NM, after my brother’s 40th birthday in Las Vegas. New Mexico is a beautiful state; words can’t describe it. The sky is bluer than blue, the arid land filled with intense orange and yellow and red. Even at the end of winter, the landscape is spectacular.

8 March 2008: Ocean City, NJ, Boardwalk


I was walking down the Ocean City, NJ, boardwalk, on a windy March day. This was obviously a place where hundreds of thousands of people flock to in the summer. But all the stores were boarded up for the winter. Save a few stalwarts who hung on for the slow season: a pizza place, a jeweler, two arcades. These storefronts had an interesting character about them. I could imagine the stores swarmed with customers; some of them seemed geared simply to draw in a crowd. Other’s were just humorous. There are only a few; I hope you enjoy them.



I took these pictures in Salt Lake City Utah during our spectacular road trip of December 2005. We stopped to get some pictures of the Great Salt Lake and when we turned to climb back in the car the sun was just peeking over a mountain peak at the base of which stood a huge power plant. We were so far away the plant looked like something from a Lego set. The steam rising from the exhaust pipes met the sky with a brilliant intensity.