I Found Myself Again When I Unleashed My Fear 1

I Found Myself Again When I Unleashed My Fear
I sat alone on the stage. In the darkness I unclipped my tie and opened the top button of my tuxedo shirt. My fellow actor H__ passed before me in the darkness. “I have the gun,” she whispered. Over the speakers music played. “I’ve got you/under my skin,” Frank Sinatra crooned. The stage was hot ...

Not a chance 2

Not a chance
I would never ever ever step out there. They don’t make glass thick enough. Dlisted has about the same feelings as I on the subject.


There’s still more to do (I have to write out a strange scene describing a movie about a burning typewriter) but I can be happy right now because I just finished the first draft of the Typewriter novel. I think I rushed through the end a bit, and the story is still a little convoluted ...